Conference Day Two

8:30 am Registration, Coffee & Networking

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


9:10 am PANEL: Integrating Risk into Business Functions for Increased Performance Feedback

  • Rajendra Gangavarapu VP Model Development, Formerly Synchrony Financial
  • Tonia Durfee Global Head, Operational Risk Management Analytics and Strategy, Credit Suisse


• Hear pilot studies detailing how risk indicators have been used to provide business intelligence
• Understand how advanced KRIs have created a convergence between employee performance and reducing risk
• Get to grips with how this can be scaled across organizations for wholesale performance

9:50 am Developing Business Intelligence Systems by Integrating KRIs


• Learn how to best visualise your risk data for an improved decision making process
• Understand how to connect disparate data silos for cross-departmental gains
• Improve inter-team data sharing for reduced slippage and reduced risk profiles

10:30 am Improving Reporting Systems to Enhance Organizational Agility


• Condense big data sets into easily communicable actions
• Understand how continuous monitoring will change your existing reporting framework
• Utilize reduced time in report generation to create an agile organizational governance of business intelligence and controls

11:00 am Coffee & Tea


11:30 am Creating a Data Management Framework to Reduce Organizational Risk


• Understand the key sensitivities in handling enhanced employee data
• Learn about the best solutions for data management
• Overcome legacy data silos in order to increase your workable data pool and decrease data loss risk

12:15 pm Developing leading indicators to tell a data driven story

  • Chris Olson Head of Operational Risk Management, Massmutual


  • Balancing Coverage and Context: Determining the right mix of leading and lagging indicators to contextualize the story without drowning users in detail
  • The 5 Why’s of Metric Design: A simple technique anyone can use to build leading indicators
  • Using Lagging Indicators to Calibrate: Using existing data and KPIs to back test what leading indicators are actually telling us
  • Putting Metrics into Action: Using metrics and your operational risk appetite to drive conversations with senior leaders

1:05 pm Lunch


2:05 pm Working with New Product Development Teams to Implement Built in KRIs

  • Michael Reidy Head of Risk Appetite and Analytics, Societe Generale


• Create a framework to integrate key risk functions into NPD meetings to minimize product launch risks
• Become proactive in implementing trial KRIs in small data sets
• Understand how product growth can be driven through implementing early stage KRIs

2:45 pm Evolving Existing Product KRIs for Increased Effectiveness

  • Masood Aziz Head of Risk Management & Senior Advisor, Transamerica & PRMIA


• Understand how to transition legacy KRIs into more effective risk management instruments
• Learn how to create and test multiple KRIs over the product development life cycle
• Hear how to utilize your understanding of past data sets to evolve your existing metrics

3:25 pm Afternoon Coffee & Networking Break

3:55 pm The Journey to Prescriptive Analytics

  • Mark Warren Head of Risk Modeling Innovation & Technology, Citi
  • Wesley Sawan Director, Head of Operational Risk, Sidecar Health


• Learn how KRIs can eventually become prescriptive tools in defining future risk factors
• Understand the opportunities for banking industry collaboration to minimize industry wide risk
• Unlock decision science advancements in upgrading your analytic capabilities

4:35 pm Audience Discussion: Can AI & Machine Learning Ever Entirely Remove Risk?


• Join the discussion on just how far the advancements in risk management can go
• Understand if existing risks can be completely wiped out given that machine learning and AI are fully utilized
• Learn from other attendees how much impact advanced KRIs can have on reducing risk

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Day 2