Conference Day One

8:00 am Registration, Coffee & Networking

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


9:10 am KEYNOTE PANEL: Redefining KRIs to Allow for Pro-Active Risk Management

  • Mark Warren Head of Risk Modeling Innovation & Technology, Citi
  • Mark Kust SRO, Head of Model Risk & Governance, The World Bank
  • Gus Ortega Head of Technology, Innovation & Operational Risk Management, Voya
  • Tonia Durfee Global Head, Operational Risk Management Analytics and Strategy, Credit Suisse


• Unlock the key to developing a proactive risk management strategy minimizing financial loss
• Get to grips with how advanced KRIs can transform your data pool into an asset
• Understand how to create a pro-active risk culture through the power of predictive analytics to foresee future risks

9:50 am Developing Predictive Indicators to Pre-Empt Operational Risks

  • Ravi Bhatia Head of Global Credit Risk Oversight, Paypal


• Understand which types of behaviour are most likely to precede a serious risk event occurring
• Hear which behaviours can act as a trigger for advanced system monitoring
• Unlock the key to utilizing the most effective data points in reducing financial fraud

10:30 am Morning Coffee & Speed Networking


11:15 am Advancing Data Collection Methods for Increased Model Accuracy

  • Masood Aziz Head of Risk Management & Senior Advisor, Transamerica & PRMIA


• Understand which behaviours should form the basis of your risk management models
• Optimize your data collection methodology to increase the size of your data set
• Learn how to minimize data loss in collection to create an accurate internal picture

12:00 pm Piecing Together Disparate Information to Create Clear Metrics

  • Wesley Sawan Director, Head of Operational Risk, Sidecar Health


• Get to grips with modelling using incomplete data sets to create preliminary KRIs
• Learn about key testing methodologies which can help you fill in the gaps to improve model accuracy
• Hear iteration tips and best practice to increase the accuracy of your models

12:40 pm Best Practice in Aligning Metrics with Organizational Goals


• Understand how to align board level objectives into effective KRIs
• Learn how to turn departmental goals into tailored KRIs capable of driving action
• Learn advanced reporting methods to create a clear organizational risk picture

1:10 pm Lunch


2:10 pm PANEL: How to Interpret Data Sets & Create Effective Metrics Beyond Intuition

  • Ravi Bhatia Head of Global Credit Risk Oversight, Paypal
  • Wesley Sawan Director, Head of Operational Risk, Sidecar Health
  • Chris Olson Head of Operational Risk Management, Massmutual


• Hear from decision science experts on how to interpret and effectively define metrics
• Create data defined objectives for high performing metrics, looking beyond traditional intuition driven models
• Learn how to implement an organizational framework for turning data into actionable metrics

2:50 pm Using AI for Effective & Continuous Monitoring


• Understand the governance challenges of implementing continuous monitoring
• Learn how to use AI to transition from an audit risk model to ongoing controls
• Get to grips with multiple machine learning solutions available to your business

3:30 pm Afternoon Coffee & Networking Break

4:00 pm Enhancing Your Internal Score Carding for Improved Results


• Hear insights on how to advance your internal score carding methodology
• Learn how to implement more accurate metrics capable of reducing risk
• Understand best practice in communicating this to both the board and employees

4:30 pm Unlocking the Benefits of Human Health Metrics in Improving Performance


• Understand employee specific KRIs to help improve overall well-being
• Unlock the key links between health metrics and performance
• Learn how to implement employee early warning systems to minimize future risk scenarios

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:40 pm End of Day 1